25-27 SEPTEMBER & 2-4 OKTOBER 2014

De Struise


Our earliest brewing activities started in some small homebrew kettles at our holiday and Ostrich Farm in Lo-Reninge Belgium around 2001. We would use the guests as guinea pigs and who loved to drink our first experiments for free...

Struise takes its name from the historic Flemish word for ostrich, which also is a contemporary slang term meaning "tough".

Prior to 2009, we were active as beer contractors, where we did not own a brewery but had our own brewing activities at Caulier brewery in Peruwelz Belgium between 2003 & 2005. The urge grew to work closer to home and became reality in 2005, where we got the opportunity to start our brewing activities at The Deca Brewery in Woesten-Vleteren Belgium.

Struise breweries is now based in East Vleteren Belgium, Kasteelstraat 50 since 2009, in an old Catholic girl school. We have been building out our independent brewery from the moment we've got there, and which is in constant evolution. Where the first year of our brewing activity at the school, we produced a small 500HL, this year we'll probably be hitting 3000HL.

Struise Philosophy :

We live, work and play by quality. "Quality" is a central word in our existence. With the years, we have experienced that not only the use of terroire ingredients can lead to quality. Patience, knowhow, brewing process, maturation process, these are all very important parameters and/or factors that make our beers smell and taste better. These factors are often responsible for added complexity to our beers, meaning that there is still life after barrel aging.

Struise is driven by creativity through a very progressive evolution, not by commerce. In the last decade, we've been able to perfection at least 15 different beer styles. We were able to survive all this time through the support by our customers, who had a blind trust in us and our artesian beers, read craft beers.

Struise beers :

It is often said that once you've drank Struise, it is difficult enough to go back. Our beers are made by a very creative, 5 headed team of young energetic brewmasters and assistants, with respect for craft, processes and of course the Struise philosophy. After a decade of brewing craft beer, we do not exaggerate at all by stating we have at least 70 different drinkable beers in our portfolio. All very popular and very much sought after in different parts of the world. The biggest criticism we get from our importers are that Struise beers sell quickly, with lesser effort, and which results in never enough volumes.

The level of progressiveness at Struise is often measured by the collaborative efforts and beers that were  brewed with friendly breweries, local or abroad. We count at least 15 collaborative results with success and in different styles.  The leading countries for collaboration brews are America and Sweden. It cannot be argued that both countries undergo a booming evolution in this sector.

Struise future :

We have a dream. We would very much like to build out the Old Girls School in Belgium to a beer hive and cradle of Belgian craft beer in Europe. A center where beer enthusiasts from all nations, can gather to sample craft beer, and thus socialize & broaden there already extensive beer culture.



Urbain @ Struise

 4 oktober - OBS Oklickbara provningar kan endast bokas på plats!
De Struise - 18.00
Arrangör: Stockholm Öl & Vin AB, Karlavägen 75b, SE 114 49 Stockholm | +46(0)8-662 94 94 | info@stockholmbeer.se