24-26 SEPTEMBER & 1-3 OKTOBER 2015

Brewing Kltur

Kjulsta Grd 
153 92 Hl 
Peter Lincoln 

Du hittar oss i hall I

Brewing Kltur is collaboration. We are part Swedish & part American. 70+30%. 40+60%. Our skills are complimentary & necessary for our success, our beers and others working to strive for better. We brew balanced beers with a surprise to your senses. Beer is a part of everyday social life and we are happy to be a part of the evolving social culture here in Sweden. Our goal is to inspire and collaborate with anyone as passionate as us. We think successes should be celebrated and shared. Collaborating with new people and sharing fun and passions only creates more good ideas and more connections. We want to hear your story and share ours with you.

Nice to meet you.
Daniel & P.

Arrangör: Stockholm Öl & Vin AB, Karlavägen 75b, SE 114 49 Stockholm | +46(0)8-662 94 94 | info@stockholmbeer.se