26-28 September & 3-5 oktober 2019


Här får ni senaste nytt direkt från utställarna.

2019 09 25

Provsmaka vr 18% l p mssan

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2019 09 24

I r har Nacka Bryggeri 30 egna nrproducerade lsorter p mssan!

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2019 09 24

Prova "Kultur Surkittlad l" (Kettle Sour) plus 5 naturligt smaksatta frukt- och brvarianter

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2019 09 20

Tjeckiska Nyheter p 137:ans

Ta del av vårt nya och uppdaterade sortiment av tjeckisk öl

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2019 09 17



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2019 09 17

Lansering av Mosgaard p Systembolaget

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2019 09 16

Motrhead Premium Dark Rum has full distribution in Systembolaget.

It is impossible to imagine the world of modern music without acknowledging the impact of iconic UK band, Motrhead. Whether its metal, heavy rock, blues or even pop, Motrheads global influence can be found musically, visually and perhaps most telling, lyrically, with the ever unapologetic and no-bull attitude. Apart from creating their own auditory tsunami of sound, Motrhead have also made their mark in the world of drinks, with their first Premium Dark Rum now available with a full distribution listing in all 438 Systembolaget stores.

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2019 09 16

Brands For Fans spirits collaboations with major rock bands comes to Stockholm Beer & Whisky 2019

Brands For Fans was born out of a love for rock 'n' roll and a desire to bring the fans closer to the bands. Through creating beverages which would hold the band's logotypes, Brands For Fans have worked closely with world famous rock and metal bands to develop products with the same level of quality as the music.

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2019 09 06

Tentaka Organic Sake Brewery & Kamoizumi Sake Brewery

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2019 09 06

En sker dagen efter med Dignita AM 7000

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2019 09 04

Sandblstrade glas ver disk

I r finns Tembert Design p plats och blstrar glas direkt p plats

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