Virtuous Spirits AB

Tomtebodagatan 26 a 
113 38 Stockholm 
Claes Stenmark 
0709 586186 

Du hittar oss i hall II

Virtuous Vodka is a real, naturally flavored vodka produced without and shortcuts through laboratories and independent from the big corporations. It may be a tad bit crazy to create a genuine organic flavored rye-vodka with a “change the world” attitude but what the hell… We did and we’ll try. People yearn for something real. They are tired of the lies of corporations and politics. Their promises exist only to buy, vote or think like they want you to. Enough. We are people. We are tired of lies. We want what’s real. The whole world can not be change in one big swoop so we started where it seemed the most logical to us: the vodka industry – where fake is king. Until now… /Claes Stenmark Taste-stuntman and founder of Virtuous Vodka.

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