Bourbon och Rye från Kentucky Owl med Tom Jones.
Kentucky Owl grundades redan 1879 av Charles Mortimer Dedman och var igång fram tills förbudstiden började 1916.
100 år efter förbudstidens start återöppnades destilleriet av Charles barnbarns barn och fokus är främst på Bourbon.
Tom kommer guida igenom Bourbons historia, skillnaden mellan Rye och Bourbon samt limited release från Kentucky Owl.

Tom is known to many for his unwavering passion and knowledge of fine spirits, with over 20 years of experience, he is a devoted ambassador for the exceptional craftsmanship of the finest spirits in the world, with a particular focus on lesser known, ‘niche’ and hard to find regional varietals.
A passionate advocate and entertaining speaker, Tom is a hugely knowledgeable and credible Whisky expert –recognised in Scotland as a Keeper of the Quaich. He has a highly engaging voice and some great new tales to tell.
He has worked for Diageo and Beam-Suntory over the past 20 years and has been involved in many high profile events including, The Cannes Film Festival, The Cartagena Film Festival, The Venice film festival, The Kentucky Bourbon Festival, The Monaco, Malaysia, Singapore, Australian and Belgium Grand Prix, The Brit Awards, The Ryder Cup.
Tom began his career, in the hospitality industry, holding numerous management positions and with a passion for cooking too he gathered over eighteen years of experience.
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Tom Jones
 07 Oktober
Bourbon och Rye från Kentucky Owl - 18.00
Tom Jones 
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