26-28 September & 3-5 oktober 2019
2019 09 16

Brands For Fans spirits collaboations with major rock bands comes to Stockholm Beer & Whisky 2019

Featuring at this year's Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, Brands For Fans will be hosting some of the most successful collaborations to date - Motörhead, Sweden Rock, In Flames, Scorpions, Ghost, HammerFall, Slayer, Rammstein, Jonas Äkerland and Plura.

There will be a range of special guests and artists visiting throughout both weekends, as well as merchandise available to purchase.

Arrangör: Stockholm Öl & Vin AB, Karlavägen 75b, SE 114 49 Stockholm | +46(0)8-662 94 94 | info@stockholmbeer.se