26-28 September & 3-5 oktober 2019
2019 09 16

Motörhead Premium Dark Rum has full distribution in Systembolaget.

The Motörhead Premium Dark Rum is a product of the finest selection of Dominican Republic Caribbean Reserve Rums and has been aged for eight years in ex-bourbon barrels. The result is a smooth, dark brown rum which holds Motörhead’s boldness in every sip.

The band’s involvement in their beverage brand over the years has been significant, as it was their dream at last realised. Yvonne Wener, Business Manager at Brands For Fans explains: “While we miss them more than anything, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the band’s legacy with the Motörhead Rum, which we hope the Motörhead fans and friends of rum will enjoy equally.”

Arrangör: Stockholm Öl & Vin AB, Karlavägen 75b, SE 114 49 Stockholm | +46(0)8-662 94 94 | info@stockholmbeer.se